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Location-based Mobile Advertising

Location-based Mobile Advertising

Smartphone users are always on the go, and most of them are checking their phones continuously throughout the day. With Fairway Promotions’ Location-based Mobile Advertising, you can target active smartphone users to within 20 meters of his/her location. Target based on what a user is doing and what is going on in their surroundings, i.e. in a stadium, or a golf course, at the mall or even at a traffic light.


How It Works
Step 1 – Set Your Target
Choose your audience. With Location-based Ads, you can target specific users, creating a mobile experience tailored to who they are and what they want. Put your message in the right hands with precision targeting based on location, behavior, demographic, carrier, app usage, content, and more.

Step 2 – Load Your Ads
Make it yours. Our custom designed ad formats are all about the impact. Fairway Promotions provides custom ad units along with standard mobile sizes that engage users with a dynamic and interactive experience. We let your ad stand out from the crowd.

Step 3 – Reach Your Consumer
Ads are placed using Real-time using daily budgets that you set. By tracking and reporting impressions, usage, and response, Fairway Promotions evolves your ad campaign to ensure success. Continually adapt your message and targeting to lock down your perfect consumer.

SMS / Text Message Marketing

SMS / Text Message Marketing

Connect with your audience through the channel they prefer – on their cell phone! 8 out of 10 mobile users are actively using text messaging. In 2012, 2.270 trillion text messages were sent globally. 98% of text messages are open immediately because users value the information or communication they are receiving.


SMS Marketing Benefits

• Attract customers, boost sales, increase ROI
• Easily grow contact database
• Get valuable feedback from customers
• Quickly announce important messages and alerts
• Reduce missed appointments with instant text reminders
• Works on flip phones and smart phones

SMS Marketing Features

  • SMS Blasts - Send a text message to individual contacts or entire distribution lists at once.
  • Mobile Keywords - Instantly collect mobile numbers while distributing hot deals or important information.
  • Mobile Keyword Data Capture - Have an automated SMS conversation to collect valuable contact info like names, phone numbers, email, and more.
  • Mobile Coupons - Boost traffic and sales by sending coupons directly to your customers' mobile phones.
  • QR Codes - Give your audience immediate access to a variety of different information or direct them to your website with a quick QR code scan
  • MMS - Get your message across with more than just words by sending an exciting picture or video message.
  • Mobile Voting - Gather valuable feedback from your audience while collecting their mobile numbers at the same time.
  • Text-to-Screen - Add a fun twist to any event and let your audience text fun messages to a live display screen for all to see.
  • Appointment Reminders - Reduce missed opportunities and minimize no-shows by sending appointment text reminders.
  • Shuffle Responder - Great for a variety of applications like daily jokes or inspirational sayings.

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